Review of the functionality and usability of http://www….


You are a teacher at a secondary school that has been asked if you would teach Computing.  Even though you have good IT literacy, you have never taught Computing before and have been given this link by a friend.  Your friend says the company offers a training course for secondary school teachers that are teaching computing.

Question 1:

  1. What is your first impression about the home page (professional, boring, encourage you to read more etc.) Looking at the Home Page, where would you click first to find out about potential training courses?  Was it easy to find the link to training courses?

Answer to Question 1

Very wordy for a homepage, one’s not sure where to start on it. The information that is in a dark shade over the photos is distracting and not very easy to read. The logo is boring.

I would click on the ‘Our courses and services logo on the top right hand side’. Yes it was easy to find the link.