Case Study: E-Commerce website

About May of London

May of London is an Outdoor equipment shop that sell a wide range of products and services.  The previous website hosted more than 500 products for sale, but was not accessible via mobile platforms.  This lead to a reduction of sales and the need for a new and updated website.

May of London website by EdITCon

Click on the image above to visit our clients website

Review and Plan

The owner of May of London originally contacted EdITCon to discuss SEO services.  During the review of the old website, it was found that not only is the website not mobile responsive, but that there was almost no SEO and general optimisation done.

It was not an easy task to change the old platform and the decision was made to implement a new design.  The request was for the logo to stay the same, since it is well known.

The products needed to be transferred from the old to the new website.


The website discussions happened in the May of London shop, which made it really easy to understand and visualize the needs of the client.
The new website was created and tested before the products were transferred.

Additional Services

Bespoke training was offered to the person tasked with maintenance of the products on the website.  Since there is ongoing maintenance and changes to the website functionality, the service is often conducted via recorded videos.

New functionality is added as the website matures, and there is an ongoing service for maintenance and enhancements.


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