Case Study: Portfolio website

About MMG Productions

MMG Productions have a unique approach to Photography and Videography. The company name Mense met Gesigte (People with Faces), really describes the way they capture moments on a wedding day and makes it an unforgettable experience.

MMG Productions website by EdITCon

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Review and Plan

The owners of MMG Productions knew exactly how they wanted their website to look.  So the planning was easy and in the review it was found that they already have a unique and very efficient Social Media Strategy.

The website is a blank canvas to showcase the photos and videos.  The images is their main selling point and it was decided to keep it simple, with a colour palette of white and grey, as per their logo.


With this project, the biggest challenge was the implementation.

The SEO of the website is influenced by the speed at which the page load, so a lot of time was spent on detail optimisation to ensure a load speed of less than 3 seconds.

Website visits are monitored to review the effectiveness of Digital PR and Social Media engagement.

Additional Services

Instructional videos were created to allow the owners to upload their own images.

The website is constantly monitored for performance and optimised where possible.


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