Case Study: Therapeutic Reflexologist · Professional Birth Doula

About Marthie Beumer

Marthie has been working as Therapeutic Reflexologist since 2000.  Her services were advertised via a website of Midwives, and that brought enough customers for a while. After being a Professional Birth Doula for two years, she needed a more effective website platform to share information with a wider range of clients, specifically for Doula services.

Marthie Beumer website by EdITCon

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Review and Plan

Marthie attending the Digital Marketing for Small Business owners course in South Africa.  Since then she has been planning and collecting information for her website.

She had business cards, a Twitter account (with a bit of activity) and a personal Facebook account.  We discussed the components of the website, and how information can be re-used for Social Media.  She now has a Facebook page that she use to schedule and advertise events.



One of the most important aspects of the website was the look and feel.  Marthie wanted client to feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable that she has their best interest in mind.

The ultimate design is simple, but with enough elements that reinforce the brand and high quality content and articles.

Additional Services

Design and discussions on marketing plan, with a schedule that can be used for posting to social media.
Ongoing maintenance, revision and SEO as needed.


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